The Upsessions

It all started January 2005 when a Dutch reggae trombone player, named Giel Mulder, had the idea to found an early reggae band. Not to copy the 60’s reggae sound, but to take it by the hand and use it in his own way. Together with singer/songwriter Boss van Trigt, a formerly member of ‘Rude Rich and the Highnotes’ he searched for the right musicians to complete the band. In no time ‘the Upsessions’ were a fact.

Soon ‘the Upsessions’ recorded their first demo-CD and sent it to record labels, magazines and booking agencies. Some booking agencies and record labels directly showed their interest in ‘the Upsessions’. In the meantime the Upsessions had their first couple of shows in Holland. After a gig at Holland’s biggest skafestival, the Dutchskafestival, in the melkweg in Amsterdam, the Upsessions went international, playing in France, Switzerland, Belgium and at big festivals (This-is-Ska festival and Summer Safari) in Germany.

In september 2006 the Upsessions proudly signed a contract offered by legendary UK Ska record label ‘MoonSkaWorld’, bringing out their album ‘the New Heavyweight Champion’ in may 2007.

After many rave reviews about the Upsessions’ debut album and two vinyl 7 inches, the Upsessions played Germany’s biggest ska festival ‘Potsdammer Skafest‘ and the ‘Riverside Stomp’ in Mainz. In 2008 the Upsessions played on the biggest South-European skafestival ‘RudeCat’ in Girona, Spain. Later that year they will do the ‘Mighty Sounds Festival’ in Prague, that counts 30.000 visitors every year.

Right now, ‘the Upsessions’ are ready to play anywhere, anytime, recognized by their steady rhythm section, unbelievable organ sound, and their sharp-dressed, infectious performance.

“cool and deadly, rough and badly, this band’s gonna rock you up madly”


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Zoals Reel Big Fish ooit zong: "Ska sucks... Ska revival isn't cool you stupid.... cluck"

Maar goed, ik hoor bij die paar mensen die ska juist wel koel vindt :)
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