Power Thrashing Serum V

On saturday the 8th march 2014 the next and fifth edition of Power Thrashing Serum!!This annual event will take place in OJC Walhalla in Sevenum, Holland!

Complete line-up:

- CHAINSAW (NL): These bloodthirsty Thrash Metalheads already exist since 1996 and recorded 3 albums in total. Most of the Dutch Metalheads know this band and also saw them live (you can easily see this by 'the blood' on their metal vests). This is because their live show is one big slaughter with BLOOD, A LOT OF BLOOD!!


- ELIMINATOR (DE): KRIEG THRASH!! That’s the name of their first full length album, recorded in 2012. These four Germans exist anno 2005. Eliminator gives you Thrash in the old school style like bands as "Sodom" and "Kreator", but also "Slayer" and "Whiplash" back in the day! Beware for some REAL Thrash!


- BONES (BE): Bones is a old school Death Metal band from Belgium. They are formed in 2010 and have recorded their first demo in 2013. They already opened for death metal pioneer “Master” and in June they are gonna hit the stage together with “Obituary”! Beware for grunts, pounding drums and both shredding and melodic guitarplay!


- CARNATION (BE): This band will kick of the evening with their old school Death Metal. They only exist since 2012, but all band members gained their experience from other projects like Incinerate, Prematory, The Reckoning and Decross.Carnation picked their influences from bands like Autopsy, Entombed and Asphyx. Be on time so you wont miss their kick ass show!