de Lange DJ Galaga

Entree: €3,-

" What Do You Say To The DJ ?" This is how the year 2000 started for two friends, Marco Leeuwis and Hans Dekkers.

These two guys laid the foundation for the success of the DJ Galaga project. This song was played all over the planet and there isn?t a location where this track isn?t programmed. After this huge success, Marco and Hans decided to each go his own way: Marco as DJ Galaga, and Hans as D.E.K.

They still work together in lots of area?s: for instance, they still enthousiastically remix each other?s singles.

In the music industry, DJ Galaga quickly built a reputation. It didn?t take long for DJ Galaga to come into contact with other talented people. John Dirne, the owner of JoDi studios, quickly teamed up with Marco. They immediately hit it off, they went into the studio and their combination of creativity, originality, musicality, dedication and friendship quickly resulted in another hit single. The first result of their cooperation was the hit single Jump & Let's Party, a joint release by DJ Galaga and Parla & Pardoux